"I haven't had a wax in a few months and Lauren was welcoming and relaxing throughout the entire experience. She has a very calm manner about her that eases you into getting your wax. She waxed timely and thoroughly, which is exactly what you would want in a waxing experience. I felt like I walked in, and strutted out. It was a fabulous experience and I trust to go back to her over and over again. Thank you so much Lauren for helping me feel like me again. :)"

Megan C.


"Lauren is amazing! She is super knowledgeable and will not apply anything that may damage my natural lashes, which I appreciate very much. My lashes still look great even after 2 weeks!"

Rachel Z.


"I have been seeing Lauren for all my waxes for almost a year now. I've never met someone so sweet and caring when it comes to waxing. She takes her time and has always made me feel so comfortable! Lauren is very professional, clean , and caring. Prices are very reasonable and she's in an easy, convenient location. I highly recommend Lauren for any waxing services or facials!"

Allyson F. 


"Oh my god I am so obsessed with my lashes!!! I went to work and have been getting compliments left and right. I will definitely be coming back again, again, and again!"

Lori J.


"I've been seeing Lauren now for almost a year for waxing and facials. She's the best! She makes everything super easy and relaxing, my skin always feels incredible after. She's also so sweet and nice to chat with, I'm so happy I found her!"

Mallory C. 


"This is the second time I got my lashes done and I am so glad I cam to Lauren to get my lashes done. This time I didn't end up with any lashes twisting or turning into my eyes, and overall they just looked so much better and didn't hurt at all."

Serena R.


"I've been wanting to try lash extensions for the last few years but have been so nervous hearing about all these horror stories after getting your lashes done, but boy was I wrong! Once I opened my eyes I instantly felt so beautiful and the lashes were so light, you could barely even feel them."


 Adrienne P.


"Lauren is magical! I really enjoy when I get to go in to see her because she's super pleasant, kind, and attentive. I have been waxed by her multiple times in the past before she opened up her own space, and I just had to follow her! 

She is very diligent, and assesses my skin multiple times to ensure that she removed every hair. I can tell that she takes pride in her work because she cares about doing things well, and always checks in to make sure that I am comfortable and satisfied. She is also the kind of waxer that knows her craft well - so for me the experience is minimal to no pain (this also depends on the areas of your own sensitivity of course). Comparing her to other waxers in Sonoma County, I experienced the lowest amount of discomfort with her, which is one of the main reasons why she's my favorite. I can't imagine going to anyone else for my waxing needs - - and I am over the moon that she has her own cute and cozy space now where I always forward to going for a bit of pampering. The space is very clean, aromatic, and relaxing. Also, I am a germaphobe and I am so pleased that she keeps everything ultra hygienic all the time. 

Lauren is definitely the best I have gone to, and you should go too!"

Kimberly E. 


"Omg! Lauren is amazing!! I went to her for a microdermabrasion facial and she completely transformed my skin. My skin has never felt so soft and supple. And bright! Lauren is so sweet and professional and has very good prices. Highly recommend her!!"

Michelle K.

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